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The Chautauqua Tour

Chautauqua Tour, a board game created and manufactured by Susan Trinter

I share a photo of “The Chautauqua Tour” game board, a game that yours truly created, designed, manufactured, marketed and distributed in the early 1980’s. Richly steeped in contributions to American history, Chautauqua Institution, located 70 miles from Buffalo, NY,  continues as a popular summer destination that is set in a community of original, 19th century gingerbread houses perched on Lake Chautauqua’s shore. The summer schedule continues to revolve around family, ideas and the arts with a rigorous schedule of programs. Founded in 1878, Chautauqua flourishes today.

a Game?

Not every organization will have a 100-plus year history to draw upon. Chautauqua does. So many of the late 19th to early 20th century American thought leaders and inventors made Chautauqua their summer destination. That included Thomas Edison, Alexander G. Bell, New York Times Publisher, Adoph Ochs bringing many “firsts” for America during their summer respite.  Chautauqua’s founder designed the first summer “training” for Methodist Sunday School teachers and in so doing, also created a precedent for training public school teachers.  Thomas Edison organized a workshop for the deaf. Among those attending was the young Helen Keller. Chautauqua’s “Chautauqua Literary and Science Circle”, C.L.S.C., was the country’s first reading group. It was copied nationwide, inspiring our pre-radio and television nation to read and discuss literature.  Through designing a game, it was hoped that families would “remember” and “learn” about Chautauqua’s pivotal contributions to our country while recollecting and sharing their own stories about Chautauqua.

~ Susan Trinter
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